Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finally an Epilogue ..........

Pardon my tardiness for I am just now posting Vancouver pictures. I also would like to give you my opinion on how I felt about travelling by rail in Canada. Taking the train to travel across the country is very relaxing, given the fact  that "The Canadian" passenger train travels coast to coast.

It was very interesting to learn that a person can be picked up or dropped off at any mile marker along the route, provided you give Via 48 hours notice. So if you wanted to go fly fishing in northern Ontario you could get dropped off /picked up anywhere along the way with your canoe/supplies.

Its also a good opportunity to meet people from all over the world and Canada. If you choose the sleeper class your food is included, and let me say it is gourmet. There is also a selection of fine wines, beers and spirits available and/or you can bring your own for consumption in your own room.

Via is also in the midst of upgrading there Chateau sleeper cars to include queen beds, private bathrooms and showers in each room.  Our room was compact for sleeping but I found it quite roomy by day and the shared shower was always on the very clean side with a change room attached.

I also learned that if you are going to use new electronic hardware on a trip it is wise to give it a good workout before leaving. Memory cards are not all created without defects as quite a few pictures did not materialize properly on my new card. In the future I will put in a request with Environment Canada for better weather in Vancouver. Given the aforementioned information there is a limited amount of pictures from Vancouver. Here are a few that did.

Photo taken from Granville Island
Great Market, Lots of Artsy Stores and Aggressive Seagulls
Little Ferries that run to and from the Mainland to Granville Island
Olympic Torch 2010
Now only lit every Canada day
Gastown Steam Clock
Built by horologist Raymond Saunders in 1977 (based on an 1875 design), it was the world's first steam clock, powered by steam from an underground system of pipes that supply heat to many downtown buildings.
Air Taxis to and from Vancouver Island 
Talk about a nice way to commute.
Shaves off 4 hour ferry ride round trip, for a price of course.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thank you for coming aboard.