Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Arriving at the port of Ketchikan Alaska at sunrise, thanks to our travel companions Wendy and oh man they are early risers!!! Just for the record Rick and I didn’t see one sunrise on this adventure. Ha Ha
What we did see is depicted in the photos below...

Hmmmmm an interesting little tidbit about this place...

Here are some of those Salmon that came up to spawn, oh and slowly die thereafter by the way! Seems the sign didn't mention that little bit of info...

Hey want to go for a swim….NOT! Especially at 55F


You’ve probably noticed Rick and I spent the day just walking around Ketchikan.

Our friends Wendy and Terry went on a deep sea fishing excursion and shared their experience with us...

Sailing away


Afternoon cocktails

And so ends our beautiful day in Ketchikan Alaska. The proverbial cherry on top was learning that the head chef on board the Coral Princess was more than happy and willing to grill up one of the halibut caught that day by our friends. Wow what a wonderful meal to look forward to tomorrow.
Fast forwarding to our last evening at sea, the best halibut we've ever had in our lives.



Once again, in the wee hours of the morning here we are coming into the port of Vancouver Canada compliments of early rising travel companions!


Well peeps, this is the end of the show, we are sorry but we have to go….we hope you’ve enjoyed living vicariously through us once again, and we also hope that we’ve sparked an interest in you to visit the gorgeous state of Alaska. We will definitely be going back one day with our motor home so we can experience it a lot more intimately.
We’ve been home for about 7 weeks now and are about to pack up the motor home to head south for the winter.
Destination southwest United States of America. We've decided to try the gypsy lifestyle. Take care friends, stay warm this winter and don’t forget to check in with us from time to time to see what we've been up to.
Oh and by the way, some of you have noticed that wee Shaemus hasn’t made an appearance during our Alaskan adventure. We will leave you with a few reasons to ponder.
You decide; we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or an email.
1.  He fell over board
2.  He stayed home to have a leprechaun party
3.  We simply forgot him
Let us know what you think, thanks for hangin’ out with us again.
Rick and Sandra J