Saturday, June 16, 2012


An appropriately named store to purchase hardware for cabinetry and/or doors.

Fine Irish Linen And Crafts.

Nora Barnacle met writer James Joyce outside the Finn's where she worked as a chambermaid.

The Mayors house.

Molly Malone Statue
Molly worked the streets as a fish monger by day and someone a wee lad could visit by night. aka the Tart With The Cart.
The Olympia Theatre has been around since 1879 having to be remodelled a couple times along the way. The theatre has had top rated sit down theatre shows and music concerts, too many to be listed here. 
I have no words for this.

Or this

You can even get Tim Horton's in Dublin, the coffee is serve yourself from a one cup at a time machine. It would not be my liking but would be fresh brewed.
St. Audion's Church

Need I explain this building?

Or this?

Kilmainham Gaol
This is the sentencing room for the jail.
Kilmainham was built in 1796 and it housed men, women and children in the same cell. There was no windows coverings so the wind could blow through the jail hoping to blow disease out with it.
From the sentencing room directly into this room or one like it. Men, women and children in the same cell with no separation for types of crime committed. The youngest prisoner was only 5, imprisoned for stealing bread during the Irish famine.  
Five people per cell with one candle for heat and light per week. Concrete/stone floors and most people would not have had even had shoes to wear. 
This new part of the jail was used most recently up to 1923 to hold Irish freedom fighters.

The staircase led to the hole/isolation.

Bad girl, Bad girl whatcha you gonna  do when they come for you.

Rooms with a view... well not so much of a good view.

You did not want to make it into this yard for fresh air since it would have been your last breath. It was the hangman's hang out. The cells facing the yard where nice and roomy even maybe a fire place but they had little holes in the wall so the hangman could size you up for the proper drop. 
Irish Flag inside Kilmainham representing peace and unity.

This nice little courtyard was not very appealing either. This was the firing squads domain right up to 1923. The last couple of executions here where for political purpose with one person having to be tied to a chair because he was to ill to stand. One did not have to kill someone to be shot or hung you only need be affiliated with the wrong party. Hmm Cuba, Iran today oh never mind. 
The two light coloured blocks on top of both sides of the window is where the poles protruded for public executions.
Front Gate
Kilmainham Gaol
Main Gate House for Phoenix Park
The largest enclosed park in Europe.
Phoenix Park

Wellington Monument
Phoenix Park
Voted the nicest looking bridge in Dublin

Two of Dublin's finest.

Two more of Dublin's finest.

Captain Kirk? No
Captain Mariano Manfuso
Yes it is a ferry.
Irish by nature.
This fast ferry came to a stop to give our ship right of way.

It also gave the passengers a very close up view of our ship.

Pilot boat coming along the port side of our ship to retrieve the harbour pilot.

Last lighthouse heading out from Dublin.

Mission accomplished after a few tries coming alongside of the ship.