Monday, February 1, 2016


Heading to Arizona with some pretty neat cloud cover in front of us.

One of our first stops in Tucson was the Prima Aircraft and Space Museum (Boneyard)
You could never post enough pictures to do it justice so I have just added a few.
SR-71 Blackbird highest and fastest plane still to this date.
F14 Tomcat (Top Gun)
Below is Air Force One for Kennedy and Johnson
Bell P-39 1940-1944
Below is a small collection of aircraft......the boneyard is 2600 acres with over 4400 aircraft so it would not do justice to not see it yourself.
Our Cactus trees in Buckeye, Arizona
Joshua Trees on our drive to Nevada.
Looks like people just picked up rocks and boulders and piled them up.
Near the Hoover Dam
On top of and looking over at the Hoover Dam from the new bridge
Rick Sandra and Toby

New Mexico

We had never been to New Mexico and we had been told it has quite the scenery while driving through it. We where not disappointed even though our time in the state was short as we crossed the state at its narrowest point and cold weather was biting at our butts.

We happened to stay at another KOA in Las Cruces, New Mexico and it was a very nice park with a great view of the Mountains.
Messilla is a colourful and historical little town with a rich, wild and lawlessness at times history.
Billy the Kid and many other outlaws walked the streets of this small town .Billy was often seen at bars and dances until of course he was sentenced to hang just down the street on the corner for the murder of Sheriff Brady.
Shaemus got in on the action at the Imperial Bar inside the Double Eagle. They happen to infuse their Vodka with roasted green chili peppers and it just so happens I am continuing the tradition.
The Rio Grande runs a little dry most of the time. They open the dam a few times a year to let some water flow to Mexico.
White Sands, New Mexico is quite an interesting place. The sand is gypsum which would usually dissolve in water but there is no river that drains the basin to the sea so the gypsum just keeps on collecting.
While in White Sands there is no phone, internet or even satellite phone since it is a military testing ground an all signals are jammed.(I guess not young adult/child friendly. :) )
It is also where Trinity was tested (first nuclear bomb) We ran into some heavy rain and did not go to ground zero.

Going out for Mexican dinner was interesting as everything was decked out for Christmas.
Rick Sandra and Toby

Texas Bound

West Memphis

We found a nice RV park along the Mississippi River in West Memphis, Arkansas 

Tom Sawyers RV park gives you a great view of the Mississippi river and all the boats and barges that travel by. 

 We tried to stay ahead of the cold weather but unfortunately ran into severe weather with a touch of tornadoes at a beautiful brand new(5 years old) Catharines Landing RV park in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas. 

After the torrential rain finally cleared we hit the road tying to stay in front of the cold weather breathing down our necks and end up staying at Fort Stockton RV Park just outside Dallas, Texas
We spent a few days in the Dallas area and explored the area ending up at the Stockyards in Fort Worth

The Stockyards have a long and rich history of large cattle drives and still do a replica drive through the stockyards twice a day.

We took some backroads heading to Fort Stockton, Texas and ended up staying at a KOA in San Angelo, Texas
The drive through Texas certainly takes you through many different terrains and landscapes.
There is a long history in Fort Stockton as it was the farthest western outpost at one time and has a house not in the best shape but is the original from 1852.
The original house, jail and saloon are still standing with the saloon turned into a winery and restaurant.

Off to New Mexico and not doing 80.
We are somewhat behind on our posts but will be updating much quicker and more often now.
Rick Sandra and Toby