Thursday, March 20, 2014

Auckland Update

Hello faithful followers.

Sorry for keeping you all waiting for this update, but as you are already aware we have been having great difficulty posting because the internet on board the ship is painfully slow and it takes the majority of our purchased time allotment just to log on and off the darn computer never mind the time required to upload Rick’s gorgeous photos to the blog. The cost is inflated to say the least so we have been lugging Rick’s laptop on and off the ship in search of internet cafes where we can buy time for a more reasonable price, and then that in itself proves difficult most of the time.

We‘ve been unsuccessful during the last few ports as more often than not we are limited to free Wi-Fi locations like Starbucks or hotspots that a gazillion other people are sharing with you and you can’t even sign on to or its slower than the ships service grrrr.

So we are going to try something different…we will try making the photos size smaller files and will post just a few photos. So here goes…we are in Auckland, New Zealand here…


Selfie At The St. Patrick's Irish Pub

Auckland, New ZealandAuckland_Skyline_Dusk

Departing Auckland At DuskLido_Pool_Night

Aft Lido Pool

Our Favourite Hang Out At_Sea_Enroute_Tonga

Waking Up To Clear Skies

And Calm Seas

8am 28c or 82f

En Route To

NuKu’ Alofa

Kingdom Of Tonga

Signing Off At Sea

Rick, Sandra, Wee Shaemus


  1. What a great selfie!! So nice to see you two (oh, I mean three, Sheamus too) enjoying your world cruise; can't wait to hear about it on the phone or Skype.. take care, love and hugs!

  2. Great pictures!! and wow, that pool!! LOL