Friday, November 21, 2014

An adventure of firsts...

Given the fact that this blog primarily started out as a way to maintain contact with our families and friends, both at home and abroad, we have now found that it can also serve as a portal for those who may want to live vicariously through us. So it is our hope to share the travel and life experiences we encounter along the way with others; the good, the bad and the ugly.
For what it's worth comments are both encouraged and welcomed.
As the title of this post indicates, it is our hope to explore places that neither one of us on board Chillax'n have ever been to before. So South Carolina beckoned us as it does millions of people each year, and it wasn’t long before we realized why so many people come here once we arrived.
We parked Chillax’n for one week at the Myrtle Beach Travel Park which is located geographically half way between North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach or the Grand Strand as it is locally referred to. We chose this location for a couple of reasons, one of which was to meet up with Sandra’s Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Paul who are both avid golfers, and vacation in North Myrtle Beach each year during the month of November.  
That comes as no surprise because South Carolina is well known for its many golf courses, some of which are on the championship level.
The first full day we were here Rick managed to golf with them, and has since referred to Paul as the best golfer he has ever golfed with. Sylvia apparently was no slouch either!
With brand new clubs, Paul shot 74 on a par 72 course, Sylvia shot 112, and Rick all decked out in his new golf shoes shot 111. Let it also be known that Rick shot a birdie on hole 4, a par 5 to boot! Congrats to all who participated!
The other reason we stayed in this area was because it was close to the North Carolina border where our dear friend Mary lives. Unfortunately our surprise visit with her turned out to be all too brief. Seems our friend recently had had one of her knees replaced which in turn restricted our visit to seeing her at a Wilmington Rehabilitation facility.  However brief it was it still turned out to be a surprise, and it was great to reconnect with her after many years. Mary, if you’re reading this post please know that we enjoyed every single moment we spent with you, and we will be back again one day so we can have that cocktail with you in your pink house!

Our RV site

 Our RV Park was located right on the oceanfront where the only thing separating us from the ocean was huge sand berms and a broad stretch of walkable shoreline.  At this time of the year even your dogs are allowed to walk along the beach with you, just as long as you abide by the poop and scoop rule of course!

A shell collectors haven

Needless to say Toby had a blast each and every day taking advantage of this first for him!

Of course Wee Shaemus had to make his appearance too!

The weather was a combination of seasonably warm to unseasonably cold while we hung out in the Carolinas. Shorts and sandals one day and boots and long pants the next. Seems that Artic front that is affecting most of Canada and the United States had travelled as far as us.
Looking at the weather forecast and knowing that another cold front was on its heels we decided to start heading a little further south to Charleston where we had heard it wasn't going to be anywhere near the freezing mark at night, lets not forget we still don't have a working furnace.

We'll catch up with you soon...


  1. Love seeing your blog and photos, especially sweet Toby enjoying his first trip to the ocean, decked out in his Canadian-motif scarf! Enjoy your journey and I look forward to more blogs and warmer weather for you three! Love from Gail

  2. Aaaw, how cute is Toby at the sea!! It looks liek he enjoyed it a lot!
    I think the weather is there better then in Canada right now, I saw photo's in the newspapers of a LOT of snow!!
    Looking foreward to thenext post!!