Monday, December 22, 2014

Wekiva Falls Pitstop...

Hey there peeps! Sorry we haven’t touched base for a while, but we’ve been enjoying some of the famous Florida sunshine and warmer temps finally!
We have also been busy getting our little home on wheels all set up now that we have arrived in the beautiful Sarasota area. We’ve been here now for three weeks if you can believe it, and will be here until March 5th.
What I mean by getting set up I mean that we’ve had to shop around for an internet provider, opened a U.S. bank account and grab ourselves a U.S. cellphone number so we can stay connected with y’all!
 I won’t go into too much detail about where we are at this particular moment because I want to keep that for a separate post. This particular post is about the last place we stayed at just prior to arriving at Sun-n-Fun on December 1st.
Wekiva Falls RV Park is located in Sorrento between Daytona and Orlando. It was an okay place, but it really just didn’t do it for us for a variety of reasons. It was a pretty big place and they packed people in like sardine cans.  The clientele left a lot to be desired as well if you get my drift; I swear we were next door to drug dealers. 
It was a relatively pretty setting with the Wekiva River running through it, and had a natural Sulfur water spring that they had turned into a water park type feature. The concept is a novel one, all except for the fact that depending on what direction the wind is blowing you could be easily nauseated by the pungent odor that comes with a sulfur spring! You know that wicked fart and/or rotten egg smell! UGH!
Unfortunately we had to stay put there for 5 days because of our timing.  The American Thanksgiving holiday weekend fell in between our trip across the state from the Atlantic side and our arrival to Sun-n-Fun. We originally wanted to stay at Disney’s wilderness park but it was sold out for Thanksgiving Day. Everywhere else was sold out as well so we were stuck there basically.
We arrived there on the day of a torrential rain storm, and Chillax’n pretty much sat on a soggy wet lot for at least three of those five days. When the skies finally cleared and the temps warmed up we did manage to get out and about taking some photos of what we think were the nicest areas in the park.

Above is that smelly natural sulfur spring and a cool palm tree growing out of the hill sideways. Apparently it fell over but never died!

A little marina where you can rent canoes and kayaks. On the opposite side you can fish, but be a little heads up the resident sand cranes will steal your catch, hook and all if you're not careful!

I’m not sure what particular sea bird this is, but what an absolutely gorgeous colour it was don’t you think?

A few vultures hanging around for leftovers perhaps?
I love these next two pictures, Rick totally captured that Florida flora.

Lastly, our sardine can and very soggy site.  You can’t see the drug dealer in this shot, he was on the other side of us.

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  1. Wishing a you very Merry Christmas !!
    Hope your next stop is better to stay :D
    The photo's of the nature are beautiful!! that blue bird is so beautiful!