Sunday, March 29, 2015

Disney Magic Kingdom

Hello peeps! Chillax’n reporting in after spending what will always be remembered as the week we became children again.
This will be an easy post with regards to the narrative because Disney World vacations only need to be experienced not explained. With the help of Rick’s beautiful photography, we will let his photos tell our story. We have also created two individual posts, this one entirely about Magic Kingdom and the next one about Epcot. It was our hope and intention to visit Animal Kingdom while we were there too, but it poured rain on our last day, so we will save that for another time!
The first few photos are from Disney’s Fort Wilderness, a campground and RV resort within the Magic Kingdom resort area. By far it is the best campground you will ever find anywhere in the world, yes it indeed can hold that title. People just come there to camp never mind go into any of the theme parks!
There is an insane number of things to do there, so I will provide you with this link and you’re a click away from seeing for yourself what I mean.  
Various forms of transportation are literally at your doorstep or only steps away, so put away your car keys while you're there. If you want to drive to any of the theme parks you can do that too, all parking is included in your theme park passes. Rick was totally impressed with Disney’s infrastructure; making a comment once or twice about when a park closed down and there is the mass exodus of crowds he noticed the fact that he never had to touch the brake pedal when navigating back to the campground. There is a lot to be said for that in itself!
This was our campsite for 8 awesome days.

Oh one word of advice…take a flashlight along with you at night when walking you’re dog, one never knows when there will be a hot steaming pile of horse doo doo on the street, ugh!

Even Toby had his own pet resort to go to while Mommy & Daddy went out to play. Disney Pet Care was only a few miles away from the campground, and for $32.00 per day he could be there the entire day; overnights are available too. He had his own room complete with patio, was walked 2-3 times depending on how long he was there and was provided with his own food and water.
We took the boat back and forth to Magic Kingdom each time, but opted to drive to Epcot because it was easier to drop off and pick up Toby as we passed by the Pet Care facility.

Entrance to Magic Kingdom, let the fun begin…

If you have issues with mobility issues or are just plain old tired this little train will get you around Magic Kingdom nicely, and there isn’t that long of a wait either!
 Some scenery along the tracks…





Ok, now that you have seen our day at Magic Kingdom, and of course the main man with his main squeeze, lets go to Epcot together shall we; see you there...

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