Monday, February 1, 2016


Heading to Arizona with some pretty neat cloud cover in front of us.

One of our first stops in Tucson was the Prima Aircraft and Space Museum (Boneyard)
You could never post enough pictures to do it justice so I have just added a few.
SR-71 Blackbird highest and fastest plane still to this date.
F14 Tomcat (Top Gun)
Below is Air Force One for Kennedy and Johnson
Bell P-39 1940-1944
Below is a small collection of aircraft......the boneyard is 2600 acres with over 4400 aircraft so it would not do justice to not see it yourself.
Our Cactus trees in Buckeye, Arizona
Joshua Trees on our drive to Nevada.
Looks like people just picked up rocks and boulders and piled them up.
Near the Hoover Dam
On top of and looking over at the Hoover Dam from the new bridge
Rick Sandra and Toby

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  1. We enjoyed our stop at the Air Museum as well. Didn't get to go on the boneyard tour this time because I hadn't brought my ID to go on the Air Force Base. Next year....