Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cobh for Cork and Blarney Castle, Ireland

St. Patrick's Church, Cobh, Ireland

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Blarney, Cork, Ireland
Nice friendly local pub.
 Blarney Castle

 The Gardens of Blarney Castle

 We had seven minutes of rain.

 Who is having fun now?
Even with bad hair, must be the wee Irish fog

Our train back to Cobh (Cove) from Cork

Cobh formerly Queenstown had a reenactment on display of what life would have been like on the pier when Titanic arrived at its last port of call before setting sail across the Atlantic Ocean to New York. 
 My baggage is ready to be loaded.

 The Methodists arrived in Cobh in the 19th century and set up a small church(to the left of St. Coleman's Cathedral) to try and sway the Irish from tipping the ale as much as they did back then. Today that small Methodist Church is Pillars Pub.
 St. Coleman's Cathedral

 Cruising away from Cobh

Last lighthouse before the Celtic Sea leaving Cobh.

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  1. I lived in England for 40 years and have not yet been to Ireland - I feel I'm missing out now after seeing your great photos!