Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Waiting for our tender to take us ashore.

Castle Cornet with our ship in the background.

Nice little marina with an assortment of sail and power boats.

The view from shops and stores along the waterfront.

Tidal pools built around 1844. There was about a dozen swimmers when we arrived at the pools with a few more arriving and departing continuously. Most of the people also swam outside the pool confines with a couple people actually swimming out to a buoy in the channel. Did I mention the sea water is a balmy 50-52 Fahrenheit?
Swimmer returning from his swim to a buoy in the channel and we later learned he is in his seventies and swims it every day weather permitting. Certainly not the cold that would stop him.
A view from high atop the port with a perfect view of shipping traffic arriving and perhaps not leaving.....fire in the hole.

La Vallette German Underground Museum

The Germans built underground storage facility's on the island with slave labour from the mainland during their occupation. They stored thousands of gallons of fuel for u boats in this facility that was never used because a u boat dock was never completed.. This room is one of four underground rooms with all the tanks removed but one. The also built other tunnels more than a mile and half long all with slave labour. There was more than twelve thousand Nazi soldiers on the island at one point in time.
View from bathing pools towards
St Peter Port

Back streets of St Peter Port.

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  1. I love the photos you picked Rick, they really show the highlights of the island. Great photography and humorous commentary too :)S